Quality and Certification

EU organic certification by caucascert ltd: www.caucascert.ge

Caucascert Ltd was founded in Georgia in 2005. It is the first local organic certification company in the country. Its main purpose is to inspect and certify organic products. By its activities, CAUCASCERT facilitates development of organic agriculture, protection of the rights of organic products’ consumers’ and growth of organic market in Georgia. Besides it facilitates exportation of Georgian organic products to European Union and Switzerland. CAUCASCERT Ltd has been accredited according to ISO-17065 by the German accreditation body DAkkS. It has been included in the list of third-country equivalent organic certification agencies (please, refer to EC regulation 1330/2016).

Quality Insurance Since 2016 the company was distinguished by Ecovadis www.ecovadis.com by a bronze medal as far as the Corporate social responsibility is concerned. In order to guarantee the plant’s traceability, the company has implemented a system where each harvester keeps a “harvest file” for each batch harvested. The dates on which the site was accessed and the harvest dates, the plant batch references, the variety, the volumes the zones harvested, details regarding adverse weather conditions. Selection of the region in relation with the client’s need (glycyrrhizin acid for example). Defining the diameter and length which are different from one client to another. 2 steps of Hand selection before cutting. 1 step of Hand selection is added for peeled licorice root.

Quality Insurance or how we prevent mistakes:

⦁ Several quality checkpoints that start from harvesting regions till the factory,               management of raw licorice root
⦁ Human management: qualified and experienced people in the right workstation,             improvement of skills
⦁ Fit to purpose with regards to product specifications
⦁ Right first time: correction of the mistakes for a better quality and work

Ecoglobe LLC is internationally recognized organic certification and inspection body founded in 2002. It is pioneering in Armenia and other countries of CIS and EECCA region with emerging markets. The organization promotes local organic markets and opens access to the world’s markets.

Ecoglobe vision is based on goals of sustainable development. It takes practical actions to encourage the environment, human health and promote socio-economic development.

Ecoglobe takes the initiative in development and enforcement of public and private standards. It creates professional capacities to assess the compliance and to provide competent and recognized certification. 

LLC Georgian Herbs has been included in the ITC (International Trade Center) 3 year Program: “Export Impact For Good”, which will support the company to increase its presence on EU market within the following 3 years period of time. Within the program HACCP certification is also planned to be implemented in 2018-2019